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Jules Mitchell: 3-Day Yoga Biomechanics Flagship Course

2. bis 4. Juni 2023 | 10 bis 17 Uhr

Yoga Biomechanics

If you are a body-nerd, science-buff, or simply curious about how to create positive adaptations through your asana practice, this course is for you! Join Jules Mitchell for a 3-day intensive that weaves together asana with the basics of biomechanics to take your knowledge and teaching confidence to the next level. The latest research and foundational principles of exercise science are discussed in an easy-to-understand, practical way that builds body awareness and will immediately impact the way you teach and practice yoga. A sample of discussion and interactive topics include:

  • Differentiate between anatomy and biomechanics
  • Improve range of motion without stretching
  • Discuss where yoga asana fits into load management
  • Explore how tendons and similar connective tissues respond and adapt to loads
  • Unpack how we define injuries and how to best communicate about them
  • Create more clarity and accuracy in alignment cues
  • Consider specific cueing and intentional loading to promote mobility and skill
  • Examine the fascinating role of pain science in the yoga experience
  • Appreciate how to individualize and enhance poses with creative prop placement
  • Play with unique and effective tools such as isometrics and resistance stretching


*Das Modul ist als Workshop für die 200+- Std. Ausbildung anrechenbar.

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Stundenanzahl: 18 Std.
Preis: 550 REG | 490 Early Bird bis 1. März 2023 ( Rabattcodes sind auf diesen Workshop nicht anrechenbar!)

Gemäß §4 Nr. 21 Buchstabe a, Doppelbuchstabe b Umsatzsteuergesetz ist Spirit Yoga als Bildungsträger anerkannt und bereitet ordnungsgemäß auf einen Beruf vor. Daher sind unsere Ausbildungen von der Umsatzsteuer befreit.

Weitere Informationen:



Zeiten und Orte

daily 9 am – 5 pm

Times can slightly change. We will provide a detailed timetable before the workshop.

The workshop will take place in one of our studio Zehlendorf.

Martin-Buber-Straße 23
14163 Berlin


Hotels near Studio Zehlendorf

Hotel Ravenna
Grunewaldstraße 8-9
12165 Berlin
Landhaus Schlachtensee
Bogotastraße 9
14163 Berlin


We will complete our list soon.




Jules Mitchell is a Las Vegas based yoga educator. Her book, Yoga Biomechanics: Stretching Redefined, examines teaching yoga among the most current research in exercise science and applications of pain science. All her continuing education programs, from webinars to weekend workshops, help teachers develop their craft and empower them with knowledge. Jules runs a popular 300hr yoga teacher training and a comprehensive mentoring program to support teachers in both education and business.  Bringing the most useful and applicable pieces of that science into the yoga community is her passion, even when it invokes a discerning analysis of popular opinions.

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