Spirit Yoga Aufbau-Ausbildung Wahlmodul Traumasensibles Yoga
Traumasensibles Yoga unterrichten (Wahlmodul)
21. Juni 2022
Spirit Yoga Aufbau-Ausbildung Prä- und Postnata Yoga Ausbildung Patricia Thielemann
Prä- und Postnatal Yoga Ausbildung (Wahlmodul)
1. September 2022

Spirit Yoga Lehrer-Ausbildung – Die Ausbildung und Weiterbildung für Yogalehrer in Berlin


The Therapeutic Touch of Thai Massage mit Krishnataki (Wahlmodul)

23. bis 27. November 2022

Free the joints from acute and chronic conditions.

Touch is the soul of each relationship and relationship is the basis of any communication. Touch and palpation are the essence of our work. To touch and to be touched is an incredible adventure. We need both to exist, to connect, to be recognized, to grow and to find limits. “How can we touch the different realities of the body? What can we perceive and feel through touch?” are the main questions of any hands-on therapist. So what are the principles related to the quality of touch? What are we looking for when we touch? With which level of the receiver do we want to connect? Physical? Emotional? Mental? Spiritual?
This is a course in which will address particular conditions – both acute and chronic – in order to give us some tools to enable the body to come back into harmony using Thai massage, osteopathy and the essence and wisdom of Chinese medicine, by working in specific meridians and using the correct energy points according to the pathology. We will address conditions related to the joints, muscles, nervous system and internal organs and we will see how each one affects the other. The course is for both beginners and advanced practitioners and is especially beneficial for yoga teachers – enabling them to be able to address their students needs both in and out of the class. The body stores memory on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels and so in the work that we do, we will address each one of them to gain a complete understanding, treatment and healing on all levels.


  • Articular peripherical system (ankle, knee, hip)
  • Treatment of the spine (lower back pain, approach of the cervical region)
  • Visceral system – detoxing the hara ,reorganization of the digestive system and its relations to the pelvic ball
  • Setting free the breathing process
  • Approaching the craniosacral system and releasing the Dura Mater
  • Freeing tension and stiffness from the neck and shoulders

Preis: 680 Euro

Stundenanzahl: 35 Std.

Das Modul findet in englischer Sprache statt

Gemäß §4 Nr. 21 Buchstabe a, Doppelbuchstabe b Umsatzsteuergesetz ist Spirit Yoga als Bildungsträger anerkannt und bereitet ordnungsgemäß auf einen Beruf vor. Daher sind unsere Ausbildungen von der Umsatzsteuer befreit.

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Zeiten und Orte

täglich 9 bis 17 Uhr ( inkl. 1,5 Std. Mittagspause)

(Änderungen möglich)


*Das Modul ist als Workshop für die 200+- Std. Ausbildung anrechenbar.


Studio Charlottenburg, Goethestr. 2-3, 10623 Berlin, Tel. 030 – 27 98 85 05



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