Yogatherapie Ausbildung Modul 4: Yoga und Neurologie
1. Oktober 2023
Yogatherapie Ausbildung Modul 3: Yoga und psychische Erkrankungen (live und online)
2. November 2023
Yogatherapie Ausbildung Modul 4: Yoga und Neurologie
1. Oktober 2023
Yogatherapie Ausbildung Modul 3: Yoga und psychische Erkrankungen (live und online)
2. November 2023

Spirit Yoga Lehrer-Ausbildung – Die Ausbildung und Weiterbildung für Yogalehrer in Berlin


Yin/Insight Yoga Compassionate Presence – Workshop with Sarah Powers

7. bis 9. Juni 2024

Yin/Yang yoga and Buddhist meditation

The practices of yoga and meditation provide the potential for living with gentleness and insight. In our yoga sessions, we can clear the body and mind
of extraneous, depleting elements while enhancing our awareness and vital energy or Qi. Studying and practicing the Buddha Dharma, we can both enhance
a recognition of our basic goodness, as well as adopting skillful ways of being with the obstacles to simple presence.

3-day workshop

In this 3-day intensive Sarah will offer balanced yoga sequences each day while also focusing on the classic hindrances that visit us in our meditation practice
and beyond. Sarah’s guidance will help us forge a more conscious relationship with our deeper values and the patterns that block their expression. When focused on regularly, these practices can help us to relax more into a natural state of openness and clarity, on and off the mat.


On Friday she will focus on sequences to support our digestive health as well as our restlessness and lethargy in meditative practices. On Saturday, in the
morning session she will focus on our liver health and aversion, while in the afternoon the poses will be geared toward heart health and how doubt obstructs
us. On Sunday the poses will focus on the kidneys with the theme of how desire plays out in our lives.

This weekend is appropriate for anyone with at least 2 years of a committed yoga practices, those already familiar with the Yin style of holding poses, and those who are strongly interested in meditative and psychological awareness. If you are not very familiar with the Yin practice and Mindfulness meditation please read Sarah’s books Insight Yoga and/or Lit From Within.



*Das Modul ist als Workshop für die 200+- Std.  und als Wahlmodul für die 300/500+-Ausbildung anrechenbar.

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Stundenanzahl: 9 Std.
Preis: 240 Euro

Gemäß §4 Nr. 21 Buchstabe a, Doppelbuchstabe b Umsatzsteuergesetz ist Spirit Yoga als Bildungsträger anerkannt und bereitet ordnungsgemäß auf einen Beruf vor. Daher sind unsere Ausbildungen von der Umsatzsteuer befreit.

Weitere Informationen:



Zeiten und Orte


4-6 pm


12-2 pm

3:30-5:30 pm


12-2 pm



Spirit Yoga Studio Charlottenburg

Goethestraße 2-3

10623 Berlin


Spirit Yoga Studio Zehlendorf
Martin-Buber-Str. 23
14163 Berlin

(will be announced soon)


Insight Yoga Teacher Training mit Sarah Powers in Berlin

Sarah Powers is the co-founder of the Insight Yoga Institute as well as the author of Insight Yoga and Lit from Within, which interweaves Yoga, Buddhism, Taoism, and Transpersonal psychology into an integrated practice to enliven the body, heart, and mind. Sarah has been teaching for 30+ years, blending both a Yin sequence of long-held floor poses to enhance the meridian and organ systems while often engaging in inquiry practice, with a mindfully-based flow yoga practice. Sarah is trained in both Psychosynthesis and the Internal Family Systems psychological models, and has been a student of spiritual psychology for over 35 years. She draws from her education and participation in long retreats in the Vipassana, Tantric and Dzogchen practices of Buddhism. To learn more about her go to


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